Klarity Clinic is life.  My partner has been battling heroin for a long time and has been to multiple rehabs and tried many different approaches in his effort to get clean.  He relapsed again two years ago and since then has had 4 death or near-death experiences requiring resuscitation.  When he arrived at Klarity he was using 3-5 grams of heroin daily with concurrent meth usage.  

What I hear most often from him and from other addicts is how much they want to quit but how impossible it feels to go through being dope sick on their own.  It was the fear of the complete hell and misery for weeks that kept him reticent to follow through with additional rehab.  When Justin explained to him that the infusions of NAD and Ketamine he would receive would drastically minimize his withdrawal symptoms he decided to try.  He had to hear that he wouldn’t go through the normal detox and that is when he got up the courage to drive across the country and give it another try.  
Everything we were told was absolutely true. 

He was actually able to withstand the withdrawal symptoms and with the combination of holistic and medical support had the strength not to give in to his cravings.  The second day was the roughest psychologically but he had a physical improvement daily.  He slept for most of the first three days.  By day 4 he was up and walking around a little bit.  By day 5 he was able to do float therapy.  Day 6 was a brand new man that went to the steam room, got a hair cut, took a shower and was starting to look like another person – healthy.   Eight days after his first infusion I had my partner back.  He was active and fully participating in and initiating his continued recovery.  He went to the gym.  He went to a meeting.  He ate full meals.  He stated he felt pretty good.  

I have been a nurse for ten years and have seen withdrawal as well as stood by my partner as he attempted to quit.  He did not experience almost anything physically like a standard opioid withdrawal.  He had intermittent nausea, mild sweating, restlessness and irritability, and fatigue.  He had almost no diarrhea, very little vomiting, was able to keep down fluids throughout the process and most of his physical withdrawal symptoms were noticeably mild compared to a standard full-blown withdrawal.  It was like witnessing a miracle.  

Dr. Liang has the medication regimen down to an art form.  In addition to daily infusions, he was supported with a wide variety of supplements as long as scheduled NAD medication around the clock.  He was prescribed what he needed to fight nausea, muscle cramps, anxiety, agitation, stomach cramping, electrolyte replacement, and immune system support.   

He was also supported with the ability to do float therapy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, massage, 12 step meetings, and around the clock emotional support.  Justin was responsive, caring, and always came through with a word of encouragement, a visit, an outing, or whatever was needed for him to get through every moment mentally.  
My partner is alive right now because of Klarity Clinic.  The NAD and Ketamine combination therapy is incredible because he experienced less than 1/3 of the usual withdrawal symptoms and was feeling good three times quicker than a conventional detox despite coming into the program on up to 5 grams of heroin daily. I credit this treatment with saving his life because he would have rather died than go through a long and excruciating detox. 

I have honestly never seen anything work quite like it and to have him feeling strong, determined, and getting better every day is amazing.  I hope that this treatment becomes the new gold standard for opioid detox because it is DOABLE, it is FAR LESS painful and it actually works quickly enough so that he didn’t give up.  

I would recommend Klarity’s program to anyone who is precious to me.  Thank you.