Dave Kehnast has been coaching the lives of individuals and business owners since 2011 when he enrolled in the Accomplishment Coaching, Coach Training Program, an International Coach Federation accredited program where he spent an additional three years on the leadership development track, gaining graduate-level training under the direction of multiple Master Certified Coaches. Dave has currently accumulated over 2,000 paid client hours in his coaching practice and is committed to the transformation of human beings through the ontological coaching methodology (the study of being), which he often combines with practical, planet earth-based spiritual awareness and processes. 

Dave currently hosts two podcasts, one called Fascinating Talks, and another entitled Addiction and Redemption-Awakening to Your Hero’s Journey, which is currently celebrating over 25,000 downloads. In the former, he interviews fascinating people from all walks of life, while the latter is his harrowing tale of all that he’s been through.

Dave is living proof that anything is possible for anyone, no matter what goals they set for themselves, and stands for those he works with to be all they can be. He lives in Encinitas, California where he has created his life around his love for surfing and the ocean.