Meditation quiets your mind, increases energy, reduces your stress and negative thoughts. It creates an environment so your body, mind and heart are open for healing to take place. Once you experience this you will understand how it is to love and accept yourself and others.

Some Benefits of Meditation Reduce stress & anxiety. Promotes emotional and physical health. Enhances awareness. Helps memory and clarity. Generates kindness and self-love Helps fight addictions Improves sleep and energy Helps control and relieve pain. Quiets your mind. Helps you attract happiness.

Don Vacca, “Healer of the Heart” A Guided Meditator, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Life Coach, Transformational Breath-worker, Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. I like to think of myself as a clear, honest and heart connected man. My work is based on my education, experiences and an intuitive sense of love.