Eden Pastor is a certified clinical art psychotherapist, licensed clinical professional counselor, and transpersonal psychology counselor. In addition to her private practice, Eden has been providing her specialization at multiple addiction recovery centers in the Las Vegas community since graduating from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in 2010.

Eden’s approach to recovery work is deeply rooted in helping her client’s understand that their recovery is a personal and unique spiritual journey. While there are important and well-known core recovery concepts, she understands that a successful recovery isn’t as simple as a cookie-cutter, step-by-step process but rather a shift in perspective and understanding beyond just the “self”.

Eden’s expertise helps guide people thru recovery by exploring fundamental spiritual recovery concepts such as emotional sobriety, archetypal wounded love languages, healing the inner-child/adult-self relationship, codependency, the mind/body relationship, and spiritual maturity. By helping people create lives with endless opportunity, Eden reminds us all that life in recovery can be fun and filled with laughter, lovingl, kindness, and authentic joy.

In addition to being committed to her client’s successful healing, Eden is an artist, a mother, loves reading about the brain, was once a professional chef and snowboard instructor, dreams of traveling around the world, and would like to become the next Tony Robbins.