Program Director

After failing 30 different rehab facilities across America, Justin Hoffman was nearly lost to the long, dark night of decades of opiate addiction. Hope emerged after he tried an alternative approach to the traditional Western methods that had failed him for so many years. His journey to full recovery began over 6 years ago and he has fought to lead his clients to the light of hope ever since. Shortly after his own recovery, Justin opened America’s first ibogaine aftercare program. He has been featured on VICE, the cover of the Las Vegas Review Journal, and the cover of the nation’s largest online rehab magazine, “The Fix”, for achieving extraordinary success rates with his clients through his innovative treatment modalities.

After ketamine treatment for a rare condition, he discovered that for the first time, he had felt relief from his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Amazed by ketamine’s efficacy, he searched for ketamine specialists and found Dr. Henry Liang in Las Vegas. They immediately formed a relationship and since then, patients from his aftercare program have been referred to Dr. Liang’s clinic for treatment. Justin explains, “I was watching suicidal clients change their mindset within one hour of their first treatment and knew that ketamine was a revolutionary drug for not only addiction (and post-acute withdrawal syndrome), but depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma as well.”

Now, Justin Hoffman and Dr. Liang have collaborated yet again to bring another first to America’s rehabilitation industry. By integrating the most effective outpatient detox program (utilizing NAD+/ketamine therapy) and a luxurious and life-changing residential program, a new paradigm has emerged. The days of outdated, institutionalized rehabilitation facilities in which patients are forced to experience the horrors of painful and unpleasant withdrawals next to complete strangers are over. Klarity Life not only offers virtually pain-free detox, but true lifestyle modification and support to lead you or your loved one out from the Long Dark Night to the Light of Hope.