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New holistic treatment program, Klarity Life, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the first to combine and administer the two breakthrough medications, IV NAD+ and Ketamine, together to help combat major depressive disorders, withdrawals from detox and addiction. Its pioneering physician utilizes a combination of conventional and alternative medicine along with after-care recovery methods to focus on healing the mind, body and spirit, in order to treat the whole person.

The innovative program, designed to treat those who may have failed traditional drug and detox programs, uses both intravenous infusions of drugs, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) and Ketamine to contribute to a nearly painless and fast acting detox. This customized program for each patient ensures a smooth transition to a life free from the grip of addiction by mediating stress response and traumatic memories.

Klarity Life was co-founded by recovering addict, celebrity DJ and nephew of the 1960's counterculture icon Abbie Hoffman, Justin Hoffman and Dr. Henry Liang, a board-certified anesthesiologist. Hoffman's personal battles with opioids and experience in several rehab facilities inspired him to open the first plant medicine based aftercare program in America and took patients after their detox in Mexico. His reputation landed him on the cover of The Fix, along with many other national publications including an appearance on VICE, for achieving extraordinary success rates with his clients through his innovative treatment modalities.

"I suffered for almost 20 years and tried almost 30 different rehab programs. Nothing ever worked for me until I stepped out of the box that Americas treatment industry keeps us in. Ever since I got clean from a combination of a plant medicine from Africa and holistic practices, I've had a passion to come up with a formula that could alleviate all withdrawals and not only that, but leave the patients feeling healthy, depression free, anxiety free and that fog removed from the brain, only to be replaced with clarity. Most addicts suffer from post-acute withdrawal symptoms for months and even for years. The formula we came up with removes that and leaves our clients feeling symptom free, often times within 48 to 72 hours. I also realize recovery isn't just detoxing but learning healthy new ways of living. We also believe in finding what's right for you as every addict is different than the next. By exposing them to many different options, we're hoping they grab on to something that they're passionate about and fits them as individuals. I've done this work for several years and have helped hundreds of clients that we could have labeled as treatment resistant. I truly believe this is the best choice on this planet right now when it comes to detox and will soon be the gold standard," says Justin Hoffman, co-founder and program director of The House at Klarity Life. "Our program's evidence-based approach to treating addiction works on healing the mind, body, and spirit. We help individuals to relearn that they are so much more than just an addict."

Upon finding solitude after receiving ketamine treatment for his own Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, he reached out to Dr. Henry Liang, an anesthesiologist and owner of the first NAD+ and ketamine infusion clinic in Nevada, to assist with his clients that were still suffering from crippling depression, PTSD and/or Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Hoffman recalls their immediate bond and results from his aftercare program coupled with ketamine infusion therapy, "I was watching suicidal clients change their mindset within one hour of their first treatment and knew that ketamine was a revolutionary drug for not only addiction (and post-acute withdrawal syndrome), but depression, anxiety, PTSD and trauma as well."

Determined to change the landscape in America's rehabilitation industry, Hoffman and Liang collaborated again to open Klarity Life. Dr. Liang, The Clinic at Klarity Life's medical director and a NAD+ and ketamine infusion specialist, was the first to combine NAD+, a co-enzyme that is essential for proper metabolic functioning of every cell in the body, and ketamine, an anesthetic used as an off-label therapy to treat major depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain and drug and alcohol abuse.

Upon completion of his admirable service in the military and years of expertise in the medical field across the nation, Dr. Liang opened his own practice as an independent anesthesiologist in Las Vegas and eventually became a partner in the largest anesthesia group in Nevada. Additionally, the innovative physician is the practice manager and Anesthesiology Department Chair of a hospital in Northwest Arizona. His first ketamine clinic, Klarity Clinic of Las Vegas opened in 2016.

"While some programs focus on treating addiction itself, we focus on treating the person working to recover from the addiction. We believe in treating the whole person, in a safe and supportive environment using evidence-based techniques that have proven to be effective in treating addiction and its related issues," says Dr. Henry Liang, the medical director of The Clinic at Klarity Life. "The House at Klarity Life significantly reduces the risk of relapse because it is a supportive environment, where we are focused on helping people learn to heal and solve problems, as well as helping them to achieve peak performance."

In order to treat the complete patient, Klarity Life uses a variety of wellness therapies for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. The administration of these medicines does not solely solve the problem of addiction, but it establishes a proper foundation for a new lifestyle to flourish. In addition to these forms of therapy, The House at Klarity Life puts an emphasis on nutrition and a healthy diet, while providing clients with a wide variety of activities which facilitate the detox and accelerate the recovery process.

Upon entering the program, the first step to heal the body includes a series of intravenous infusions, utilizing a combination of NAD+, Ketamine and nutritional therapy for a period of eight to ten days. This protocol produces a rapid and well tolerated detoxification from drugs and alcohol with minimal withdrawal symptoms resulting in a nearly painless detox, while ceasing cravings and depression. Patients are monitored in a controlled, safe and supervised setting.

After the treatment, individuals work daily through a variety of individualized therapies that are designed to help them through the healing process, building new habits and practices that bring them peace and comfort as they continue to recover. Some of the holistic therapies include: Hot Yoga, massage, Lifetime gym membership, hiking, organic juicing, nutrition education, life coaching and boxing at Top Rank with championship trainers.

Substance abuse may also create deep emotional and psychological wounds. Klarity Life helps alleviate the mental pain and confusion with therapeutic classes designed to heal and nurture the mind, including therapies such as: sound healing, Kundalini yoga, art and group therapy, private meditation classes and sensory deprivation tanks.

Spiritual healing assists with the overall recovery for the "whole" patient and reshapes the person beyond being a recovery addict. Some of these practices include: Shamanic Therapies, private spiritual healing, meditation classes and Reiki healing.

The Clinic and The House at Klarity Life is setting a new precedent for recovery from drug addiction by providing an optimized holistic approach, combining the use of effective, alternative medicines with innovative detox and restoration techniques to promote sustainable sobriety. The House at Klarity Life, located in Las Vegas, offers clients private bedrooms, in a luxurious and serene location with its own private chef and is conveniently located near several amenities.

About Klarity Life

Klarity Life, offers a new and innovative method of dealing with addiction, but success depends greatly on the individual's will to succeed in maintaining their sobriety. Through the application of NAD+, multivitamin and Ketamine infusion therapy, as well as oral supplementation, patients feel fully restored, mentally, physically and spiritually. Klarity Life's treatment center is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. To speak to a trained professional, receive information on the treatment program and substance abuse, or to schedule an assessment or appointment, please visit the website at klaritylife.com.