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5145 S Durango Dr. #103, LV, NV 89113(833) 431 5433




Klarity Clinic is life. My partner has been battling heroin for a long time and has been to multiple rehabs and tried many different approaches in his effort to get clean. He relapsed again two years ago and since then has had 4 death or near-death experiences requiring resuscitation. When he arrived at Klarity he was using 3-5 grams of heroin daily with concurrent meth usage.
What I hear most often from him and from other addicts is how much they want to quit but how impossible it feels to go through being dope sick on their own. It was the fear of the complete hell and misery for weeks that kept him reticent to follow through with additional rehab. When Justin explained to him that the infusions of NAD and Ketamine he would receive would drastically minimize his withdrawal symptoms he decided to try. He had to hear that he wouldn’t go through the normal detox and that is when he got up the courage to drive across the country and give it another try. Everything we were told was absolutely true.
He was actually able to withstand the withdrawal symptoms and with the combination of holistic and medical support had the strength not to give in to his cravings. The second day was the roughest psychologically but he had a physical improvement daily. He slept for most of the first three days. By day 4 he was up and walking around a little bit. By day 5 he was able to do float therapy. Day 6 was a brand new man that went to the steam room, got a hair cut, took a shower and was starting to look like another person – healthy. Eight days after his first infusion I had my partner back. He was active and fully participating in and initiating his continued recovery. He went to the gym. He went to a meeting. He ate full meals. He stated he felt pretty good.
I have been a nurse for ten years and have seen withdrawal as well as stood by my partner as he attempted to quit. He did not experience almost anything physically like a standard opioid withdrawal. He had intermittent nausea, mild sweating, restlessness and irritability, and fatigue. He had almost no diarrhea, very little vomiting, was able to keep down fluids throughout the process and most of his physical withdrawal symptoms were noticeably mild compared to a standard full-blown withdrawal. It was like witnessing a miracle.
Dr. Liang has the medication regimen down to an art form. In addition to daily infusions, he was supported with a wide variety of supplements as long as scheduled NAD medication around the clock. He was prescribed what he needed to fight nausea, muscle cramps, anxiety, agitation, stomach cramping, electrolyte replacement, and immune system support.
He was also supported with the ability to do float therapy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, massage, 12 step meetings, and around the clock emotional support. Justin was responsive, caring, and always came through with a word of encouragement, a visit, an outing, or whatever was needed for him to get through every moment mentally. My partner is alive right now because of Klarity Clinic. The NAD and Ketamine combination therapy is incredible because he experienced less than 1/3 of the usual withdrawal symptoms and was feeling good three times quicker than a conventional detox despite coming into the program on up to 5 grams of heroin daily. I credit this treatment with saving his life because he would have rather died than go through a long and excruciating detox.
I have honestly never seen anything work quite like it and to have him feeling strong, determined, and getting better every day is amazing. I hope that this treatment becomes the new gold standard for opioid detox because it is DOABLE, it is FAR LESS painful and it actually works quickly enough so that he didn’t give up.
I would recommend Klarity’s program to anyone who is precious to me. Thank you.

Success stories are our type of stories. We want you to join the countless patients that we have treated and helped them reach their full potential or get their lives back. We hope this page inspires you to fight so that one day someone else can learn about your story and follow those same footsteps.

"Dr. Liang is professional, yet caring and attentive to me as a patient. I feel very comfortable speaking openly with him and never judged or misunderstood. The treatment itself has changed my life after two decades of struggling to find a solution without negative side effects and that actually works. The office has a coziness to it and is always kept clean. I highly recommend them."

- S.D.

"Dr. Liang is incredibly compassionate, empathetic, and cares about the results his patients obtain with either ketamine infusions or NAD treatments. We’ve never felt pushed to do more treatments than we’re necessary. The best part though, other than watching a loved one emerge from a depressive funk, is his availability. If a booster treatment was needed, Dr. Liang is a flexible professional."

- J.B.

"I was feeling sluggish and my head had been foggy. I’ve heard great things about the NAD+ and Ketamine treatment so I came and tried out Klarity Ketamine Clinic. Dr. Liang was very helpful and professional. The treatment has helped me focus and think more clearly. A great boost in energy. hoping all the health benefits keep up. would definitely come back for more treatments."

- B.C.

"I love this place. Kindest most compassionate staff I’ve encountered on my journey. After 4 treatments, I feel more hope and peace than I’ve ever had. These guys are awesome. Highest review possible."

- V.S.

"Dr. Liang was so kind and compassionate. He was really concerned about the patients’ recovery and well-being. Dr. Liang regularly checked in with me and worked hard to individualize my treatment. After a lifetime of worsening depression, I feel this treatment has helped more than anything. My thanks to Klarity Life for all you do!"


"Thank you, Dr. Liang, for giving me my life back! I highly recommend this treatment. I have tried countless combos and endured several hospital stays relating to suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I have done the initial 6 visits and feel amazing! Worth every penny. I am grateful to have found this place. Will recommend!"

- M.T.

"Dr. Liang was so welcoming. The product worked great for me within the first 30 day period I was using it. NAD+ from them is the way to go if you have ailments and want to feel better on a day-to-day basis. The office is very soft and comfortable as well. Finding honest doctors is a GEM. These guys are them. I can not thank them enough."

- S.J.

"Dr. Liang is the best physician (and I’ve seen a ton of them) – he actually cares and takes the time to help you maximize your “whole you” health, in addition to the amazing cutting-edge treatments they offer for depression and addiction. I would give him 50 stars if Yelp allowed me, he has been there for me consistently whenever I needed him and is very easy regarding scheduling. I can’t speak to other conditions, but if your “regular” healthcare provider(s) just have you popping pill, after pill, after pill, and your depression still sucks, give a Ketamine infusions a try. I waited too long after learning about it to try because I was put off by all the propaganda and negativity (horse tranquilizer, club drug “K”, etc). However, then I learned that the dose used in their procedures is a tiny fraction of what a recreational consumer would typically use and that allayed my fears."

- W.G.

"Thank you Klarity clinic ! My wife is going on her 6 treatment. The progress is incredible. Dr Liang is great. The place is real clean an modern. Located in great location. I highly recommend the treatment. After so many years off using different pills and medications. Thank you Klarity. For make us feel better and happier!"

- I.D.

"Dr. Liang is a compassionate care provider who listens with a focus on understanding and provides treatment customized to each patient. The environment is always calm, professional, and supportive – elements that are crucial to successful treatment and recovery."

- S.S.

"I have tried almost every anti-depressant medication available. Nothing seems to have the magic of ketamine and it feels great not relying on a daily cocktail of pills. Dr. Liang checks in with me about my symptoms each time I come in. He is a compassionate physician who honestly wants to see his patients improve."

- B.E.

"Klarity… helped my depression and anxiety symptoms a lot more than the pharm medicines my Psychiatrist prescribed me. It is really helpful and the staff are friendly, nice, and knowledgeable. This helped me more than anything else that was prescribed to me and I am glad that my symptoms are a lot more manageable now. Thank you."

- W.E.

"Dr. Liang… is the most compassionate and caring physician I’ve ever encountered. The treatments have improved the quality of my life. I can’t thank him enough!"

- K.C.

" I would really like to thank you for all the help that you have given me with the treatment… You guys have given me the one thing that I have lacked for almost two decades, and that is hope."

- S.B.

"I wanted to send you a quick note expressing my gratitude for the role you’ve played in supporting my mental health this year."

- G.W.

"We struggled with my son’s drug problem for almost nine years. It started at the age of 13 and blossomed into full-blown IV heroin use about five years later. During that time, we tried literally everything that our society had to combat our son’s craving for drugs: therapeutic schools, private psychiatry, in-patient treatment, out-patient treatment, AA, methadone, Suboxone, and of course, time in jail. Nothing worked. Ibogaine was our very last resort. In January 2016 we got our son to Mexico, where was administered a single flood dose of ibogaine at a clinic we trusted.
Three days later Justin picked him up and delivered him to Klarity Life. Most drug users are wracked by cravings after they detox in conventional settings, so not surprisingly, a lot of their time is spent trying to deal with the threat of relapse, managing the ill-feelings of being miserable off drugs–a tough prescription for even the strongest-willed. But because ibogaine removes cravings, Justin focuses on the more important thing: how to live a healthy life without drugs. That involves good food, energy work, yoga, physical fitness, and the society of other people: all the things that contribute to a life of happiness, instead of misery, without drugs It’s not a quick fix; Ibogaine doesn’t cure addiction, but it “interrupts” it. If you still want to get high, you’ll relapse and it’s useless. But if you’re motivated to get and stay clean, it can give you a chance to find something else to do with your life besides doing drugs. My son needed a lot of help, even after the huge head start that ibogaine gave him. Suffice it to say, the early weeks at Klarity Life were not easy for my son.
He was so used to the few things he knew from the streets: scoring drugs, looking for trouble, and moving around relentlessly, that taking care of himself was new to him. But Justin stuck with him, spending hours talking to him, encouraging him to exercise, eat healthy food, and give himself a chance. It was touch-and -go for a while, and my son eventually needed a second flood dose to carry him through, but after five months he took the opportunity to thank those who’d helped him along the way: …..huge thanks to the awesome people and plants that transformed this bottom of the barrel…dope fiend into the real boy I am today….last but not least Justin…who got me hooked on yoga and got me into like a real life routine. Without all of you I’d probably be back in jail with no hope buy my addiction is to life now and for that I’m truly grateful. Also of course mom and dad for dealing with my junkie antics for years but finally finding something that worked, love you guys.” I think that says it best.
We are all incredibly grateful to Justin and all of the others who facilitated our son’s ibogaine journey."

- Grace Shoet

"If you are reading this testimonial you are more than likely in a similar predicament to what we found ourselves. What was the nature of that predicament? We were seeking an alternative approach to addiction treatment for our son. We had independently found Ibogaine and completed treatment – but knew that was not sufficient. So – what next? We, of course, had experienced the ‘professional’ rehab industry and knew it did not work. We had no appetite to purse that route again. Returning to the status quo was a recipe for disaster (i.e. relapse) – yet giving up was not an option. Hence we found ourselves seeking alternative approaches – most specifically Klarity Life.
So we are writing this testimonial as an aid to others that are reading these testimonials and trying to make a decision on whether or not this is valuable course of treatment for either themselves or a loved one struggling with addition. In assessing alternatives we were concerned with two critical aspects: People – what was their Background, Motivation, Integrity, Transparency, Experience Program – what was the probable efficacy of the approach? Did it work? Have value? Many of our concerns around ‘who were these people’ were quickly put to rest after a call to the number on the Klarity Life website. That call was taken immediately and directly by Justin himself. Justin’s passion, commitment to his clients and refusal to accept orthodoxy just bled through. I would encourage you to call the number and speak with Justin. Another important ‘selling point’ for us was the diverse team of professionals – from a wide variety of traditional and alternative expertise areas that Justin has on his team.
I would challenge you to find a comparable team with such diversity, breadth and experience. So let’s get to actual experience. There are many testimonials on this site attesting to Justin’s honesty, integrity, transparency and directness. All true in our experience. Justin will give you unvarnished advice/recommendations on treatment and what it will cost. When I first spoke to Justin he assured me that ‘we will be there for your son’. Well – he certainly delivered on that. We faced legal hurdles and relapse issues – through it all Justin stayed ‘there for our son’ and actively help to resolve these issues where possible. He easily could have bailed but he did not. In short – Justin’s word is his bond! Natural herbs, clean, organic, orthomolecular nutrition, vitamins, reiki, daily practice of yoga and meditation, Qi Gong, float sessions, cryotherapy, exercise – how could these actually be effective? Sounds like snake oil! Of course – consider the alternative. Let’s imagine that you were able to directly reach with a phone call the medical director for a ‘traditional’ rehab treatment center. And posed the question – explain to me what you think the cause of addiction is and how you treat it? You might get the answer that addiction is a brain/neurochemical disease that we treat with behavior modification i.e. 12 step program.
Hmm … wonder why they don’t treat cancer or diabetes this way. Although skeptical, the modalities offered by Justin’s program actually made more sense to us. Of course – Justin brings ibogaine, ketamine and kambo into the mix to assist with neurochemical reset/detox as well as therapists practiced in SMART Recovery. It’s a very broad and diverse range of modalities. This goes to the essence of Justin’s approach in our opinion. Not only does it promote neurological reset/deep detox but seems to re-energize his clients physically and psychologically. It moves them from hopelessness to hope. A remarkable outcome and necessary step in the recovery process.
For the first time our son has found the inner strength, belief and hope that he can overcome addiction and is taking action. So our recommendation be it to a family member, a friend or you is – put your skepticism aside, call Justin to get your own take and move your loved one to a state of hope and empowerment."


"Dr. Liang… is the most compassionate and caring physician I’ve ever encountered. The treatments have improved the quality of my life. I can’t thank him enough!"

- K.C.

" I would really like to thank you for all the help that you have given me with the treatment… You guys have given me the one thing that I have lacked for almost two decades, and that is hope."

- S.B.

"My experience at Klarity Life has been nothing Short of amazing, beautiful, Spiritual. I’m 23 years old and I’ve suffered from trauma, addiction, misery, and loss of twin flame. But using Ibogaine, the world’s most powerful psychedelic to heal, I’ve been shown and given messages that I was able to process only at Klarity Life. No other treatment rehab has given me the freedom to truly let my higher/true self/love of colors show. No one else knew me as well as my soul family at Klarity Life, to call me out on my patterns or behavior addictions. I haven’t felt worthy or safe or valued as a human being by men of power in a long time, but at Klarity Life the men made me feel safe, comfortable, welcomed, appreciated and I didn’t ever feel like I had to do something for anyone.
All the other clients and I felt so connected because we all know and operate on a higher level of consciousness and understanding, that we know we can break our cycle of karma and live the best lives that we are worthy of, that we are meant to live, that doors have been opened up to us because of the lessons ibogaine has shown us. That is, at least for me. I’m feeling very optimistic, positive, joyful, excited, and I love working with my being true 2 you coach. Justin is one of my favorite human beings in this world and I’m so happy, so glad I met him, he helped me get the power back to save myself from unconnection and unawareness, now I’m so open and so aware and feeling connected with spiritually. I’ve learned I’m always learning and the power of manifestation and intention and dedication have played a big role into getting me to this point in my life to where I need to be.
The reason why Klarity Life worked for me is/was because I pick up on energies and I know when someone is doing something out of love, integrity, dedication, passion. And I could see that this is the real deal! This is where it’s at. We are pioneers of something so amazing happening, and I feel so passionate towards Klarity Life because it works, we don’t use cliche’ shit like ‘it works if you work it’.
We just show, what we do, and there’s always more to do, healthy things that transcend the human mind and condition, I feel no lack or limitation in my life, Now that I’m sober. No road blocks in the way of my success, happiness, freedom!"


"Justin we want to thank you and your entire staff on the amazing transformation we have seen in our son. He has been to several rehab centers over the past 5 years with no results. After leaving your care he seems like a different person – more focused. It is a great weight off our shoulders knowing that those late calls are not the local authorities notifying us that our son has overdosed. We realize he will need continual support in the years to come but you have given him and us a great advantage in his recovery. It is a joy to hear our son laugh and joke and be motivated once again. Thank you for your continual support in Elliott’s recovery. Mike Ibogaine saved my sons life…opiate heroin addiction had led my son to enter rehab after rehab for the last 10 years. To say we were desperate would be a understatement.
My son was dying from addiction and we were desperate to help save his life. To Justin, Mark, Greg and Sandra, we are eternally grateful. Due to the ibogaine experience with the Medicine Heart Recovery team and immediate aftercare treatment with Justin, for the first time in 10 years, my 25-year-old son was sober and ready for fresh start in life. Confidential In August 2016 we were enduring a weeklong intervention with our son. He was finally ready to go back to rehab, having just hit yet another bottom in his 8 year battle with opioids, heroin, crack and drug courts. I was literally at my wits end trying to secure him a bed in a detox/rehab facility and battling with Aetna insurance for a commitment to a rehab and not just a detox.
The insurance/rehab facility scam is a maddening experience for a sober, tenacious and well educated advocate but is hopeless for an addict to navigate alone. My wife told me about a segment she saw on TV’s Viceland channel about a man named Justin, who had a different approach to rehab and addiction treatment, and he even gave out his cell phone number. I was excited to have another option to explore, yet very doubtful of ever actually reaching this Justin, or being able to place my son in his facility given my experience with supply and demand for beds. I called the number and Justin answered the phone – I was shocked and couldn’t believe that he actually answered the call! He spent an hour with me discussing the situation and his plan for our son, telling me to give our addict to him for 30 days and he will give us our son back. I was in tears because this was the first time in several days of research and phone calls that anyone had offered us a plan let alone any hope of even getting him into rehab.
Given our situation this was certainly a leap of faith and a drastic move for us, however, we had no reasonable options and this plan Justin laid out made sense to us and was hopeful. Justin and his team were in regular communication with us during the Ibogaine treatment and during his stay at Klarity Life, giving us hope, advising of progress, and reassuring us that our son was safe and sound. For a parent of an addict in treatment, these phone calls from Justin were so very welcome and much appreciated. Fast forward to Christmas 2016, our most precious gift was our son who is not only clean and sober but is thriving and happy and continues to be in daily contact with Justin and his team. We opted for a two-month stay at HH and we believe it was necessary because, despite the progress in one month, he was still not prepared to reengage with the challenges of the real world.
Klarity Life can be described as a boutique program that hosts only a few clients each month. The individual attention from Justin and his team combined with their unique counseling sessions, personal nurturing, healing approach and daily activity including hiking, exercise and yoga were key ingredients to our son’s successful recovery. The prerequisite Ibogaine treatment was absolutely a huge factor in the recovery process. The Medicine Heart Ibogaine experience immediately opened up our son’s soul to the possibility of success and enabled an expedited detox allowing a more productive rehab. We are forever grateful to Justin and Klarity Life and after 4 months of sobriety our entire family is healing and hopeful for a future with our son that for many years did not seem possible.
Our daily prayers are with our son and Klarity Life. We thank God every day for Justin, he indeed brought our son back to us. Justin is fair, honest and compassionate and he has an approach that works. We encourage anyone who is considering alternative addiction treatment to call Justin right now."


"My son Garret has been a heroin addict for the last eight years. The last few years he had added meth and other drugs to his addiction. I didn’t know how much longer he would live. He has gone to several traditional 12 step programs and has relapsed almost immediately. We heard about Klarity Life and that Justin could help. I was skeptical because it sounded so strange but I needed to give Garret one last chance to get his life back. He left in October and has been sober since. It’s the only thing that has worked.
Justin’s approach and the way he runs his program is a solid way back into society. Even though my son still has a lot of work to do I’m so thankful to Justin and his program to have my son back. I finally have hope that he can have a normal life. Thank you Justin for all you do."


"Hey guys! It’s *******. I hope all is going well with you guys! Wanted to take time to tell you guys thank you so much for everything you guys did for me in Mexico! I came home for the holidays and decided to stay here in NY. I remember you guys telling me down there to follow my heart and I did. I finally let go of all those fears that I had and I can truly say that I’m at peace with my myself and the universe. Little by little I’m getting to fix all the wrong I’ve done in my life through my period of darkness.
It’s the first time in my life I’m truly happy at heart and like I kept saying during the Ibogaine and after it, I don’t know where life is gonna take me but I know everything is going be just fine, and God, was that feeling right! I’m back in the place that I thought I could never be back at, and everything is so different and I don’t feel any of the anxiety from before. It’s all thanks to what you guys and Justin did for me. I haven’t seen my family this happy in such a long time and they can’t even believe it themselves. They see me healthy and happy and they are astonished just like myself haha.
My gratitude with you guys cannot be put into words and I know that we all meet in this life for a reason and I cannot be thankful enough for our paths crossing. So much love and respect for you guys, and I’m always a call away for whatever you guys need. I love you guys and wishing you the best in this holiday season!"


"I had the opportunity to spend a little time with my son yesterday and we reflected on his journey over the last several years through six rehab facilities, countless sober homes, and ultimately being treated with ibogaine twice and his stay at Klarity Life. As the person who paid the bills, was given the sales pitch from all the rehab facilities and sober homes, and as the one who was on the phone with them when I had a concern, I can’t express to you how much I appreciate your honesty, integrity, and compassion with your clients.
You are absolutely the only person who would see a need with my son, care enough to call me to tell me that you thought he would benefit from a certain treatment, be honest about the cost, and follow through with the treatment. I know you already know this, but I have to say it again – you can’t imagine what it means to us parents who have been taken advantage of over and over again, to come across a Justin after we have been worn down by “the system” of rehab facilities and sober homes who make promises, but never deliver!
Life has gotten in the way of my good intentions of sending this in a timely manner. Just know that you have a lifelong family here in Texas. He is doing well, working for the Senate, and will be getting his own place for this first time in January! Thank you, thank you, for everything you did; and everything you continue to do for others."


"It is hard for me to find the appropriate words to express the effectiveness and importance of my experience at Klarity Life, Las Vegas in my recovery from addiction to all drugs, especially heroin. It is also difficult for me to believe that when I had first decided to do ibogaine therapy that I initially wanted to go to Mexico and come straight back to Ohio. I was arrogant and stubborn enough to think that I would fit within the 20% range of those who do not relapse without aftercare, but fortunately my parents were not willing to take that risk. In my defense though, I did not know that a place like Klarity Life existed yet and my understanding of aftercare was tarnished by my past experiences at traditional rehabs. Incidentally, Klarity Life is the perfect fit for those who have just finished ibogaine therapy.
Ibogaine’s mental effects are powerful enough to last a lifetime and the phsyiological effects are not even fully activated until a month or so after their flood dose. In other words, the immediate time after ibogaine treatment is arguably the most crucial time in a person’s life and there is no reason to jeopardize it in any way. It has the ability to change everything you know about yourself and your place in the world, so there is no reason at all to jump right back into your normal life and old routine because the pieces will not fit like they used to. A new environment is instrumental to this type of recovery and trying to manage and navigate through old stress in such an enlightening, yet confusing time could cause all sorts of new problems.
This period of uncertainty is a beautiful thing and Klarity Life not only understands this from experience, but they thrive on it and embrace it. They provided me with an arsenal of tactical strategies in confronting my anxieties, fears, and even certain issues in my life that lie at the core of my addictive nature that I had been unaware of. It is as if they provide you with several different types of building blocks so that you can build your new life from the foundation up in your own preferred style. Since every case of addiction is completely unique from one another, there is not one generalized plan that all participants must follow. You aren’t brainwashed into believing that you are powerless or have an uncurable disease because they recognize that this way of thinking is not scientifically proven, and can often do more damage than good.
I have been home in Ohio from Klarity Life for almost 8 months now and I already finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology at Ohio University. I had to pass the hardest college class of my life, Latin 3 and I have never studied so much in my life in all of my other college classes put together. When the same situations or variables came up that normally had led to my demise and to one of my many downward spirals, I now implemented the new tools that I had been given at Klarity Life. I stayed in shape, went on hikes, ate healthily, practiced Qi Gong and Kundalini yoga on a daily basis, and maintained contentment and happiness regularly without much effort. And more importantly, without drugs or alcohol. And these are just some of the many methods provided at Klarity Life there are just too many to list.
If someone has come as far as to seek ibogaine recovery, then there is no reason that they should not go one step further and let their experience blossom into a new way of life with unlimited potential. Ibogaine can give a person their life back without addiction, while Klarity Life can give that person a new way of life with endless possibilities."